Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Only mid-June and the week had been long and tear filled with the loss of my beloved Charley only the past Sun. It had been 7 emotionally wrought days that felt like would go on forever and ever.

(How could the death of one cat cause me so much anguish?)

It was Sun. though and I had to go to meeting. I knew that mourning a cat was not an acceptable excuse to miss the meeting so I prayed; for the strength to make it through the meeting without crying, and for things to change so that I would be able to fill that hole in my heart with another cat.
(I had already been told that was NOT going to happen)

As we arrived I noticed an open spot with shade, not a usual occurence for us so I quickly pointed it out before the car rolled to it's usual spot. Responding quickly, the car smoothly slid into the open slot. Gathering my things I exited the car to the plaintive sound of what I discerned was a young kitten. I seemed to be the only one that noticed so I gathered my skirts and quickly merge into the vegetation. Pushing aside the ivy and stretched my arm deep into the Photina bush. Focused on the mewing I reached in and pulled out what appeared to be a 7 to 10 day old striped kitten screaming for a mother that was not there. With a quick check I determined this young male kitten seemed to be in good health. The age was estimated due to the fact that his eyes were only partially opened at this time.

Holding my prize aloft and answering a couple of questioned aimed at me I was given an answer to one of my prayers, I would be able to take him home, and home is where we immediately went to set him up somewhere safe until I could come back after the meeting to care for his needs.

15 weeks have gone by now, he is 16 weeks old, 6.2 pounds and just had his last visit to the vet. We have gone through the teething stage; my arm still bears the marks of this, the curious stage; actually that one has not passed yet :), as well as a few other stages. He has been nursed, cleaned, de-wormed, de-flead, vaccinated and fixed. When I call he comes and he does so with a motor so loud I can hear it from across the room.

I am a firm believer in being a responsible pet owner. Unless breeding for business neutering and spaying are top priority. I also believe that in accepting the responsibility of owning an animal you accept the responsibility of providing for all their needs including, but not limited to a dry place to sleep, vaccinations, flea and worm control. AND decent food. 

After doing research online for a high protein cat food made in America.  There are a few to choose from and while the good ones are not cheap I settled on B.G. --Before Grains. It is not the least expensive nor the most expensive but it had high ratings and the food content was not "grains" and "by-products" :P

So Buckingham Johann Wolfgang Von Kat may you have a long, happy and healthy life living here with me.
(We call him Bucky for short, except for the few times I call him Charley.)