Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another Vicious Attack by Marie Baldwin's Dangerous Dogs

It has been a little over one year since the vicious attack by Marie's dogs on our little Nacho. In that year they have killed 3 of my chickens, the latest was yesterday.

Nacho alerted us and when ran out to see what the cause of his agitation was there was my little hen torn in two. I was so angry I yelled at them and my brave little Nacho took off to defend the flock. Her dogs started to run then one turned back realizing she was running from a Chihuahua.

She grabbed him, shook him like a rag doll then seeing 3 adult humans running and yelling toward her she dropped him and ran of to be with the other dogs in their nefarious conclave.

Legally I am handicapped to do anything except report the incidences. My dog and my chickens had wandered onto her property.

I will report them Mon though. I want the incident documented as I believe it is not if, but when will they attack next. Four of her six dogs are dangerous and vicious.

I personally fear for the safety of my grandchildren and myself. I saw those dogs take down one of Marie's lambs so I do not doubt they could easily bring a small child down just as quickly. Also, When I stopped to get the mail a few days ago her blue Shepard jumped the fence and ran towards me. I did not wait to see if it was going to be aggressive. I got back into the car and drove home.

To my knowledge none of her six dogs are neutered (although she says the pit bull is) as I have seen them breeding. I also do not see any wearing a license, but it would not be in my best interest to bring that to the county's attention as she is a loud, profane and angry person when riled. I have never personally been the recipient of her anger, but I have been witness to her anger to others and have no desire to draw her attention to myself or my household. We are quiet and prefer to keep to ourselves. It is only the brutality of her dogs attacks that was the catalyst to this second article. (they ripped my poor little laying hens head right off!!
All that is left of my beautiful blue egg layer. :(

I spent several hours pouring over the county laws to understand better what my rights are and to be prepared as to a course of action should any of us be at the receiving end of one of her dog's attacks.

Fortunately the law is much stronger in the case of animal vs human.

If your animal does become a victim of another animal's attack in Sac County:
please call animal control at 916-368-7387 so the incident can be documented.

Whether a case qualifies for a dangerous/vicious animal designation or not, Animal Care will investigate every case of animal aggression and determine if the animal is to be seized for public safety and what conditions must be met before the animal is returned to the owner. These conditions will be based first and foremost on what is needed to keep the community safe.

Sacramento County Codes relating to Animals

8.04.260 Vicious Animal.
“Vicious animal” means any animal including a dog (except a dog assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties) which has, on one or more occasions, committed any one or more of the following acts:

2. In an unprovoked manner killed another domestic animal, as defined in section 8.04.140 of this Title, excluding rabbit or fowl, at a place other than upon the private property where the attacking animal is maintained.

8.04.265 Dangerous Animals.
“Dangerous Animal” means any animal including a dog (except a dog assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties) which, when unprovoked, on two separate occasions within the prior twelve (12) month period, has killed, severely bitten, inflicted injury or otherwise caused injury attacking a domestic animal off the private property of the owner or keeper of the offending animal. For purposes of this section, at least one of the occasions must have caused severe injury, as defined in Section 8.04.275. Nothing in this section shall prevent an animal which commits an offense described in section 8.04.260 from being determined vicious. (SCC 1180 § 2, 2001.)

8.04.275 Severe Injury.
“Severe Injury” means any physical injury to a human being or animal that results in muscle tears or disfiguring lacerations or requires multiple sutures or corrective or cosmetic surgery. (SCC 1180 § 3, 2001.)

Irresponsible owner of vicious and dangerous animals:
Marie M. Baldwin
6315 W 6th St.
Rio Linda, CA 95673
(916) 991-2966

Her Dogs: 
1 Blue Gray Shepard mix - male - name: Blue
1 Black and tan Shepard - Female - name: ?
1 mostly black Shepard - guessing 9 mo -
1 White Pit Bull - neutered?? (she said he was neutered, but I have seen him mate with the female Shepard and attack her blue Shepard with vicious male aggression when the female was in heat. - name: Pork Chop
2 Chihuahuas - male, female??

They have attacked and/or killed to date:
11.09.11 Nacho - bitten, shaken, torn up almost died ($1200.00 vet bills)
09.09.12 Nefertiti Black Hen - last of Pat's daughters
09.26.12 Barred Rock Hen - best laying hen
11.22.12 Americana Hen - young, just reached laying age
11.22.12 Nacho - bitten, shaken

This are only my animals listed here. I have seen them attack her lambs, each other and ... Marie used to have several geese. I do not hear them anymore.....

Nacho is resting quietly now. He is in a lot of pain and screams if picked up so we let him choose when and where to go. He is on antibiotics and pain killers. Only time will tell if he makes it through this second vicious attack.

My rant is over. I feel a little better. I only hope that there is not a next time.